Sagittarius 11 x 17 print

Sagittarius 11 x 17 print
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Product Description

Illustrology - Sagittarius print

Print of original 11x17 watercolor and ink illustration by artist Rebecca Roman

The archer
November 23-December 21
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Color: Dark blue, purple
Element: Fire
Flowers: Pinks, carnations, dandelions, thistles
Animals: Horses and hunted animals (deer, antelope)
Body area: Hips, thighs, liver
Characteristics: Jovial, freedom-loving, hardworking

The youthful and adventurous nature of Sagittarius is represented by a showgirl archer dressed in a beautiful feather headpiece, setting her sights on her next target as she rides atop a playful purple rocking horse. She laughs as she aims at the balloon in front of her. Risk-taking is all fun and games to Sag! The double aces playing cards and horseshoes represent Sagittarius's ever-so-lucky ways, and the queen of hearts playing card symbolizes their generous and optimistic nature.

11 x 17 printed on quality paper

This is print is a Open Edition. Print is signed, dated and shipped in a cello sleeve, inside a flat, heavyboard mailer. Full description included.

**Original artwork still available, please contact me for pricing**

Rebecca Roman | 2011 All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of any kind is illegal.