Pisces 11 x 17 print

Pisces 11 x 17 print
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Illustrology - Pisces print

Print of original 11x17 gouache and ink illustration by artist Rebecca Roman

The two fish
February 19-March 20
Ruling planet: Neptune
Color: Sea green
Element: Water
Flowers: Water lilies
Body area: Feet
Characteristics: Imaginative, selfless, sensitive

Pisces is represented as two beautiful mermaids swimming in opposite directions. The bottom mermaid is hesitant, while the top one is free and willing, highlighting the opposing nature of Pisces. A vine of sea flowers wraps around them, keeping them as one unit as they swim in different directions. The colorful sea life represent the wonderful imagination of Pisces. Bubbles and a jellyfish float freely to the surface above—the jellyfish symbolizes acceptance of wherever the tide will take the mermaids. The two seahorses are symbols of resistance to change and a carefree approach to progress, contradictory states of mind that are typical of Pisces.

11 x 17 printed on quality paper

This is print is a Open Edition. Print is signed, dated and shipped in a cello sleeve, inside a flat, heavyboard mailer. Full description included.

**Original artwork still available, please contact me for pricing**

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