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Personalized Birth Chart illustration - 11 x 17
Personalized Birth Chart illustration - 11 x 17
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Product Description

Celebrate your birth date! See where all your planets, houses and signs fall on the natal chart. And all beautifully represented with color and symbols!

All you need to do is supply your birth date, exact time of birth and location to determine your astrological birth chart. Instructions below.

Your chart will be painted according to all the colors associated with your sun sign and houses.

Here are the colors:
Aries: Red
Taurus: Green
Gemini: Yellow
Cancer: Silver Grey
Leo: Orange Gold
Virgo: Navy Blue
Libra: Pink
Scorpio: Maroon
Sagittarius: Purple
Capricorn: Dark Brown
Aquarius: Turquoise
Pisces: Sea Green

Read the Color Guide for Custom Birth Charts

Each illustration is created with ink and hand painted with goauche on watercolor paper. And each one is personalized to reflect the details of your birth chart. This includes the symbols reflecting your signs, planets and houses.

Tell me more about the colors!

In addition to your personalized illustration, you will also receive documentation that explains what your birth chart all means!

Your order will include a pdf via email and a bound hard-copy of your fully detailed birth chart drawing and a personality interpretation (all computer generated). View example.

Order Instructions/Confirmation

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Birth date: mm/dd/yyyy
Birth time: Example: 3:35 PM Pacific Standard Time
Birth Location: Example: San Francisco, California USA

Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirming your order along with further instructions.

Please note: Custom illustrated birth chart orders can take up to 1 – 3 weeks to complete and ship.