Gemini 11 x 17 print

Gemini 11 x 17 print
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Illustrology - Gemini print

Print of original 11x17 gouache and ink illustration by artist Rebecca Roman

The twins
May 22-June 21
Ruling planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Color: Most colors, especially yellow
Flowers: Lily of the valley, lavender, fern
Animals: Butterflies, small birds, parrots, monkeys
Body area: Shoulders and arms
Characterisitcs: Intelligent, versatile, flirtatious

The perpetually youthful and flirtatious behavior of Gemini is represented by two devilettes dressed in sexy merry widows. Each woman sits playfully on a swing on a summer day, ready to go whichever direction interests them. One appears confident, while the other pouts with a hint of shyness, highlighting the versatile nature of Gemini. Beautiful yellow butterflies flit all around, symbolizing the free-spirited ways of Gemini.

11 x 17 printed on quality paper

This is print is a Open Edition. Print is signed, dated and shipped in a cello sleeve, inside a flat, heavyboard mailer. Full description included.

**Original artwork still available, please contact me for pricing**

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