Capricorn print - 11 x 17

Capricorn print - 11 x 17
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Product Description

Illustrology - Capricorn print

Print of original 11x17 goauche and ink illustration by artist Rebecca Roman

The fish-tailed goat
December 22-January 20
Ruling planet: Saturn
Color: Dark grey, black, dark brown
Element: Earth
Flowers: Pansies, ivy
Body Area: Knees, skin, bone, teeth
Characteristics: Aspiring, humorous, practical

Capricorn is represented by a beautiful Broadway actress smiling brightly as she confidently performs before us with hat and cane. The aspiring yet pessimistic nature of Capricorn is symbolized by the comedy and tragedy masks, one laughing and one crying. A bevy of purple pansies cascade around her on the stage as she receives applause. Capricorn, you stole the show!

11 x 17 printed on quality paper

This is print is a Open Edition. Print is signed, dated and shipped in a cello sleeve, inside a flat, heavyboard mailer. Full description included.

**Original artwork still available, please contact me for pricing**

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